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Encrypt On Your Own Machine:

  1. Download the encryption script (Python)
  2. Download the dictionary(9 MB)
  3. Read the instructions in the script and run
  4. Upload the output file to this server using the form below
  5. Read this and this if you want to understand the theory


Upload to the Server:




This is a social networking experiment to identify common interests among many parties without publicly disclosing any of these interests. Specifically, user interests (as implied by a collection of words) are matched with a cryptographic technology known as Private Set Intersection, and the implementation here is called "n-Sum Encryption".

While the actual message submitted is undisclosed --- even to the server --- the filename is visible to all and can be used to give a hint about the message content and user identity. Files thus far uploaded to this server are viewable here.


Some things you may be wondering:

0. Why would anyone find this useful?: After all, we have numerous online forums like Facebook and Twitter where one can post an idea. However, people are often hesitant to post to such forums, either because of privacy fears or because there is an understanding that one should post ideas in a clever and concise way, and it isn't always worthwhile to think about how to do this. Examples of various types of forums that would benefit from something like Quantum Repoire:

1. Message for Encryption: In order for the algorithm to work, your encryption must be generated from at least two words not including 'stop' words like "a", "the", "is" and so on which are filtered out in the script. There is no limit on how many words you can encrypt, but socially optimum results will probably result from encryptions of 5 to 30 words.

2. Filename: This can be used to give some hint of the Message content, or even mimic it. This could also include any abstract identity for yourself (e.g. a name ("NicholasKersting"), alias ("Pi_squared"), or perhaps an email address (e.g. "1054h34@gmail.com") if you care to invite direct contact from others. Be creative.

3. Symbols: Punctuation or symbols are allowed (e.g. ".com", "$10") though the database used in this application (based on WordNet) has very few such words defined. Check the dictionary file if uncertain.

4. Composite Words: Words which are meant to be taken together, e.g. "black hole" or "stock market", should be connected with an underscore, e.g. "black_hole", "stock_market", with the exception of hyphenated compounds such as "e-commerce", "point-of-sale", etc.

5.How to Help: This is a not-for-profit endeavor, yet website hosting and maintenance costs money nonetheless. If you would like to help support this cause, please contact the webmaster : 1054h34__AT__gmail.com.


Even more technical notes:

1. Encryption Algorithm: Is NP-Complete (i.e. almost impossible to decrypt) yet enjoys the property that similarity between encryptions is roughly proportional to similarity between messages; thus it is not necessary for the server to know the original messages in order to construct the network.Click here to read the theory of the algorithm.

2. Colorizing Algorithm: Your message will actually be converted to a color as follows: the message is hashed to a set of integers, binned, and interpreted as a scaled wavelength spectrum. This is then projected into XYZ color coordinates and plotted in the closest RGB representation, since that's what we humans actually perceive (see here for a short and precise summary of color systems such as XYZ and RGB).

Π. Questions or Comments: Please feel free to contact Quantum Repoire creator/developer/webmaster Nick Kersting : 1054h34__AT__gmail.com


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