Here's an incredibly short list of some of my favorite places to visit on the Web of late.

arXiv : Definitive source of the latest physics preprints.

viXra : Good to get high energy physics gossip

NASA : Awesome pics of the latest astrophysical objects is just one thing to gawk at here.

Ars Technica : Fun/intriguing techie news.

This Week's Finds : John Baez' highly entertaining math/physics blog

Resonaances : Another alternative HEP site

FQXi : This HEP Institute puts out some interesting and controversial material.

't Hooft's webpage : Interesting material on this Nobel laureate's homepage.

Richard Kersting's Art : My father's webpage, a lot of beautiful and bizarre creations here!

Eat This, not That : Diet/nutrition is a side-interest of mine (I was vegan for 15 years, which provided a strong foundation). : Like the last link, this is nutrition, but ahh the feeling of raw data! Nothing like real numbers to stare at and decide for yourself what's nutritious and what isn't.

China Photos 1 : A Flickr account containing more of my China photos, plus journal entries.

China Photos 2 : Another of my Flickr accounts, like the above.